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The second generation of Hi-CAPA slides brings overall improvements to geometry, slimmed profile, and wider compatibility. This particular version (MKII-C) offers a more aggressive aesthetic that will certainly stand out.


The ZIP file includes the slide, front sight, and rear sight STLs. The sights can also be downloaded separately.


This is the high resolution version of the file. The Hi-Res versions of STL files reduce the amount of post-proccessing needed to achive a perfect fit. Sanding of the rails and barrel jacket on the slide are recommended for the smoothest performance. Lubricate using silicone or lithium based lubricants. ALL money earned from paid models goes directly into making better models for the community.


Up to date as of Dec 6, 2021.

Hi-CAPA Slide MKII-C (Hi-Res STL)

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